UART not working (at all!)

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I have ConnectBlue OEMSPA310 Bluetooth module connected to LPC 1769 P0[15] / P0[16] pins. When I run LPC Open periph_uart_rb project, it should send two messages. As the project originally uses UART0, I changed those define statements to use UART1, otherwise the project isn't modified.


/* Send initial messages */
Chip_UART_SendRB(UART_SELECTION, &txring, inst1, sizeof(inst1) - 1);
Chip_UART_SendRB(UART_SELECTION, &txring, inst2, sizeof(inst2) - 1);

but I am not able to catch them in my computer. Also, I am not able to capture packet sent from my PC. Could you please troubleshoot my problem? I don't have any other ideas of how to "debug" (or how to correctly connect) this issue and no other threads describe such issue, all solve characters mismatches and timeouts, but I just don't receive anything.

As the readme in project says
The terminal program on the host PC should be setup for 115200-8-N-1.

which I have done both in my desktop app, Tera Term and finally serial port settings.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.