UART TXEN will not enable

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by bunrockter on Sat Aug 25 22:42:29 MST 2012
I am using the LPC4350 on a Hitex eval boar,d and I am having trouble getting UART1 up and running. I am only using the RX & TX lines, I am not using any of the modem or handshaking lines. I have followed the code examples provided by the Hitex website, but I am still seeing the same issue:

When I try to enable the transmitter by writing a 1 to bit 7 of the TEN register it remains 0;

  LPC_UART1->TER = 0x80UL;  //Enable transmit
  temp = LPC_UART1->TER;

temp always reads zero.

I don't seem to get anything out when I hook up terra term either, although I have seen the RBR register change when I have sent info from terra term.

The user manual said that this bit should default to on (1) after reset, but the debugger always reads a zero as well.

Is this a write only register? does anyone else see the TXEN bit go high when they write to it?