Using SCT to request a gpio (memory) to memory transfer.....

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Hello all...

I would like to use SCT state machine events to trigger DMA transfers, i.e. reading a byte from a GPIO port (memory) and writing it to SRAM (memory).  In this example, I would prefer the source address (GPIO port) to remain the same but have the destination address (memory) increment.

After some investigation, I am beginning to believe that a memory-to-memory DMA transfer that is initiated (or controlled) by an SCT event will have to be done via an SCT interrupt....not via a DMA request!  It appears that issuing a DMA request (0 or 1) from an SCT event is only valid for reading/writing SCT registers.  Is anyone able to confirm this for me?

Would anyone be willing to recommend what SCT/DMA facilities I would use to accomplish this goal. 

Thanks in advance for your assistance.