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serial rapidIO messaging retry error threshold exceeded problem

Question asked by Klaus Fiedler on Apr 29, 2008
Latest reply on Feb 8, 2012 by Oeyvind Kristiansen
i have a big problem with the SRIO messaging unit of the mpc8548e v2.0. i send messages through the messaging unit 1 to another processor. the other processor doesn't accept all the messages and rejects them causing a RETE error in the OM1SR status register. i deactivated the retry error by setting 0x0 in the OM1RETCR register. when the error occurs i try to acknowledge the error by clearing the RETE bit in the OM1SR. normally if the RETE error is deactivated the messaging unit should continue trying to send to the target without any errors occuring in the status register. the manual says i have to deactivate the whole unit which means that i have to copy all 1022 remaining descriptors to another location, reset the msg unit and copy the descriptors back to the queue. this is not appropriate for high speed systems. if i only acknowledge the error in the status register, and conitinue, the messaging unit doesn't send the last 4 messages out to the target and still shows messaging unit busy, while the target has an empty queue and is ready to retrieve them. my question now is: is there any way to recover from this error without reinitializing the whole messaging unit?