SdCard with MCI interface from LPCopen

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by schisanoa on Tue Jul 29 00:35:06 MST 2014
I'm working with a LPC4088, with the embedded artist LPC4088 DEVELOPER'S KIT(OEM + BASE board) and I can't get working the SDMMC example.
I tried both Periph_SDMMC and App_SdMmc_Meas example(both provided from the LpcOpen 2.10 package for LPC4088) but the example code not work.
I use the LpcXpresso 7.2 and 7.3 on MAC laptop(but I also tried with Windows PC), with the Red Probe + debugger. It seem's that the interrupt is not working, but I'm not sure about this. However, yesterday I tried the IAR EW ARM, with a j-link lite, the same development board and the LPCOpen 2.10 example for IAR/KEIL and the same example code is now working.

After this test I have reconnected the LpcXpresso with RedProb+(without disconnect power supply) and the code is working also with the lpcxpresso tool now, but only until I cycle power. If I switch off, and On the power the LpcXpresso example code stop working. It work again only if I connect and start debug with the IAR tool before switch to the LPCXpresso, but I can't do that because I can't use the IAR anymore.

Could someone try the lpcOpen periph_sdmmmc example with ea development board+lpcxpresso+codered(or lpc link) debugger and tell me if it work?