SDMMC driver with Interrupt

Discussion created by lpcware Employee on Jun 15, 2016
Content originally posted in LPCWare by viswanath on Sat Apr 13 13:33:31 MST 2013


Need help in the Interrupt implementation for SDMMC driver.

I enabled the interrupt in the control register in the function: sdio_init as:LPC_SDMMC->CTRL = MCI_CTRL_USE_INT_DMAC | MCI_CTRL_INT_ENABLE;

anf i enabled the LPC_SDMMC->RINTSTS = 0xFFFFFFCE;(which implies Rx,TX Interrupt and CDET(card detect)). and i masked the below register.               (// LPC_SDMMC->TMOUT = 0xFFFFFFFF;).

but i didnt got any Interrupt. in SDIO_IRQHandler. i added few the status checking for the above 3 functionalities.

I am having small doudt like MCI_CTRL_USE_INT_DMAC  is the internal DMA so need to enable in the internal DMA registers.

Please suggest the right way.

Thanks & Regards,

Viswanath K.