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EEPROM on s12xdp512

Discussion created by vinayak joshi on Apr 29, 2008
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Hello ,
                   i am working on s12xdp512 MCU on codewarrior platform, i want to implemented EEPROM ie read,write,erase application on it. my OSCr frequecny is 4Mhz, and bus clk is 20Mhz using PLL.
                 i config and write the routines like below
void EEP_init(void){ 
 ECLKDIV=0x14;            //for 4mhz oscr and 20mhz busclk
void writ_eep_word(){ 
  (*(unsigned int *)address=data;       // Store desired data to address being programmed 
 ECMD = 0x20;                               // Store programming command in FCMD
/ while(ESTAT_CBEIF==0); 
void get_data_eep(void)
  while(!ESTAT_CCIF);          // ready?
  gdata=(unsigned int *)address;
i write my data to adrees 0xc000 which is given range of EEPROM, in prmfile. here i only write single word but i cant get sucess.
i)where am i rong (anything rong with code")??
ii)how to write a sequencial data to sequencial adresses??
plz help