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PCN 201409001F01 -Clarification Required

Question asked by Kasi Balaji on Jun 15, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 15, 2016 by CarlosCasillas

Hi Team,




We have received the PCN document # 201409001F01 from NXP. In the PCN, the detailed change is mentioned as follows:

Wafer production for the display drivers PCF85176T (in TSSOP56) and PCF85162T (in TSSOP48) will move from TSMC to Vanguard (VIS). The semiconductor process will remain the same. Also the specification will be unchanged except some minor changes in current consumption.
We also change the wire bonding material from gold (Au) to copper (Cu). There will be no effect in form or function related to this change.


I just wanted to know the exact information about the current consumption change. Please let me know the exact change in current consumption of the part. Also i need the completed Qualification Report. Currently the report which i have, is not fully qualified one(attached the report fyr).


The part we are using in the design is : PCF85162T/1


Your earliest reply in this regard is highly appreciated.