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Kinetis KDS, K60 and Watchdog_IRQHandler

Question asked by weblar on Jun 15, 2016
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I'm moving a project over from IAR to KDS 3.0.0 and I'm having a few teething issues.

I created a new Kinetis Project from within KDS, selected the correct MCU, imported the relevant source + header files, tweaked the HEAP + STACK sizes, made a couple of syntax adjustments and them compiled and ran it on my target device.

The code used to use a __low_level_init() routine within IAR to disable the watchdog - this worked absolutely fine and there has never been an issue. I realised that there is a SystemInit function being called from the startup_MK60F15.s which I've subsequently disabled as I have my own clock initialization routines, etc.

One thing I've noticed now is that when I attempt to debug, the debugger always stops in Watchdog_IRQHandler even though the watchdog is (allegedly) disabled - I am able to break before and after the disable function yet the interrupt still appears to be active.

I've looked through other discussions regarding this issue without any solution to the problem.

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