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MCF54455EVB USB host - how to use mass storage device ?

Discussion created by christopher russell on Apr 28, 2008
Latest reply on May 1, 2008 by christopher russell
I am looking for a "quick start" guide to using the USB host support of the MCF54455EVB.

I just received a MCF54455EVB and I would like to do some testing of the MCF5445x USB host performance.

Linux boots and I can run the mp3play demo and boa HTTP server, but what I would like to do is connect a USB mass storage device (USB "thumb drive") and transfer some files back and forth.

There is a USB-A host port on the EVB as well as a mini-AB on-the-go port.   To start with I would like to use the full-size USB-A host port -- I realize that will limit me to full-speed for now.

I have tried moving the SW1-4 dip switch to "ON" (as well as the default "OFF") but so far I seem to get no response to plugging in my USB mass-storage memory stick to the USB-A host port.  The USB-stick I have has an LED that illuminates when the device is powered, and the LED does not come on.

When I run the "lsusb -v" command I get no response.

I appreciate any advice.