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Saving to Flash for Dummies - MCF52235

Discussion created by Chris Magnussen on Apr 28, 2008
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Howdy all,
I'm almost done with this **** project, and then I should be out of y'alls hair forever.  I'm using ColdFire lite for everything (TCP, UARTs, I2C, etc) and am completely done, except saving configuration variables such as system IP and such to flash so they'll still be there when my system craps out and needs a reboot.
I have a general idea of what I need to do in the linker file, at least in the Memory and Sections part.  My project is called "informs so it looks a lil something like this:
    flash   (RX)   : ORIGIN = 0x00000000, LENGTH = 0x0001FFBF
    informs_vars (RX) : ORIGIN = 0x0001FFC0,  LENGTH = 0x00000040
    vectorram(RWX) : ORIGIN = 0x20000000, LENGTH = 0x00000400
    sram (RWX)  : ORIGIN = 0x20000400, LENGTH = 0x00007C00
    ipsbar  (RWX)  : ORIGIN = 0x40000000, LENGTH = 0x0

 yadda yadda
} > flash
 .informsArraySection :
    } > informs_vars
    .data : AT(___DATA_ROM)
  yadda yadda
Anyway, that's fantastic, now what?  I can't find any clear cut explination for morons as to what I do next.  Is there anyway someone can dumb this down for me.  It's beyond me as to why I can figure out how to create RTOS tasks that utilize non-blocking TCP sockets, and I can't for the life of me figure this thing out.
BTW, I'm using the education version of codewarrior so even though I really have 256k of flash, I don't think the software is going to let me use the upper 128.  I'm not sure if that has any relivance here, but just FYI.
Thanks as always, you guys have rocked.

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