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Really strange problem or error in codewarrior version2.2 with MPC5534 please help

Discussion created by ganguly saurav on Apr 28, 2008
Latest reply on May 22, 2008 by Tom Thompson
Hi ,
I am using MPC5534 with codewarrior version 2.2.
I have written a .c file and .h file and written a main function 
In main function i am calling some of  the functions which i have defined in .c and delcared in .h.
I am not able to keep break point in the function in which i am not calling in the main but i have written it in .c (defined in .c and decalred in .h).
This is really some thing strange i should be able to keep break point in every line of the code  which i have written in .c but this is not happening and its not allowing can any one explain me why it is not happening or why its not allowing.
it is showing red dots where i can keep break point and its not showing red dots where its not allowing break points in the code
its strange right every line in the code should be allowed to keep break point even though i call it in main or not
can any one provide solution to this strange problem so that i cna go forward
please help me thanks in advance.