Lao Marion

Zigbee Program Flow Problem

Discussion created by Lao Marion on Apr 25, 2008
Latest reply on Apr 25, 2008 by Brett Wallace
    i have a problem with my zigbee program. i used the SMAC codebase of BeeKit and modified some codes to fit into my own customized hardware. i used the program of Range Demo Plus. since i have already a SARD board with me, i decided to use the SARD as my receiving end. i used my own-made hardware as the transmitter. i made changes to the port configurations in the generated code and everything went as planned until the progam reached the TX_STATE wherein in the MCPSDataRequest code, the program went out of nowhere pointing to BRSET and finally into STX, X in the assembly window. Can anyone please help me solve this problem? i am aware that this problem has already been posted and the remedy was to change/adjust the stacksize which i already did. since i am still new to this field of microcontrollers, i also would like to ask on how to determine the required stacksize of a program and where is it stored, in the RAM or ROM? thanks ahead for the reply!