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Accessing hard coded memory locations using C

Discussion created by Ravi Gautam on Apr 24, 2008
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The bootloader and OS are sharing the same UART and the OS needs to access some variables defined in the UART section of the bootloader.
Using the Keil compiler all I had to do was:
On the BL side:
unsigned int x _at_ SOME_HARD_CODED_VECTOR;
On the OS side:
unsigned int x _at_ SOME_HARD_CODED_VECTOR;
and both would essentially refer to the same address location.
However, code warrior doesnt support the _at_ keyword. How do I go about doing this in code warrior?
Basically how do I:
1. Define
int x;
int * y;
In the bootloader?
2. In such a way that I also have access to it from the OS? What would the code be in the OS side?
Please help! The datasheet shows accessing memory locations in assembly using P:$xxxx and D:$xxxx but how do I do it in C?
Thanks a bunch!