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Update CW6.0 Project to CW6.1

Question asked by Dave Miller on Apr 23, 2008
Latest reply on Apr 25, 2008 by Processor Expert
Hello All,
OK I just comitted the ultimate developer mistake, I upgraded my dev tools in the middle of my project and now my project is broken.
I am working on a project for the 9S08AW60 microcontroller and using Special Edition CW6.0 everything was fine. 
I also own a full license to CW for DSC56800E and that was recently upgraded to the develpers suite which includes a full license to CW for Microcontrollers.  My project was approaching the 32K limit of Special Edition so I thought might as well take advantage of the new license and upgrade.  So I downloaded the latest CW (6.1) and when I went to install I nticed I only had 1.5GB of space availible on my HD so I uninstalled 6.0 so I would have space for the new version.  All went fine with the uninstall - install process.
Now when I opened my existing project for the first time under CW6.1 I imeediately got an error in my CPU bean that said my interupt vector table was mapped incorrectly to address 0000.  So I looked up the proper location and entered 0xFFC0 as the start of the table (page 70 in the datasheet). 
Now my code generates and compiles without any errors and the application appears to run.  But something is wrong with the memory settings because a few of my variables are getting stepped on by some routine. 
My questions:
Has anyone had an issue with upgrading their project from CW6.0 to CW 6.1? 
Has anyone seen this issue before and what fixed it on your end?
What memory mappings seemed to get changed when upgrading rom CW6.0 to CW6.1?  I did not do anything special with memory in CW6.0 so as far as I know everything was set to defaults so I did not expect any issues in this area.
Anyone have a link to download CW6.0?  This is worst case but might be my only option.
Any tips would be greatly appreciated.

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