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Is there a replacement for the Coldfire MCF5485EVB evaluation board?

Question asked by Richard meers on Jun 15, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 23, 2016 by Fang Li

I am working on a project that is updating the software running on MCF5484 Coldfire processor as part of an aircraft update program and the testing strategy uses the MCF5485EVB evaluation board. The testing is performed using a dynamic analysis / testing tool which has been qualified for use within the Aviation industry. The qualification / testing confirms the operation of the tool to a set of requirements and includes its integration with the evaluation board.  Any change to the way the tests are ran will result in re-testing of the tool and changes to procedures.


As far as I can tell the evaluation board is no longer in production and I have not been able to identify an alternative. Therefore I am looking for a replacement that gives me access to the processor via the RS232 port like the MCF5485EVB evaluation board.


Is there an alternative? or can the MCF5485EVB still be purchased?


Any assistance will be appreciated.