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Problem with connecting DemoBoard through JTAG.

Discussion created by Ranjith k r on Apr 20, 2008
Latest reply on Apr 25, 2008 by Ranjith k r
I have a problem with my 56F8013 demo board. I am using code warrior hibrid controller ide. My bad luck i change the setting " Initilize unused GPOI's" as input. Earlier it was uninitilized. After that i cant debugg the pgrogramm using the demo board. Again i changed the setting to uninitilized. then also an error message is comming. It is tellig " the core is not connect".  If i am using some other board which is having 56F8013 it is working. How can i solve this problem. That setting i have changed is there in Proccessor bean. And my JTAG connection is through parrel port.