Jesse Harvey

M52235EVB - Reading 2 bytes from UART

Discussion created by Jesse Harvey on Apr 17, 2008
Latest reply on Apr 17, 2008 by Mark Butcher
Hey all, I'm pretty new to freescale products and was hoping someone could help me out.  I've been researching some issues for awhile and haven't made much progress.
We were able to modify the source in freescale_dynamic_http.c from the demo ColdFire_Lite project to read one byte from the serial port.
void collect_sensor_data( void ){     ...     ...     html_vars[14]  = MCF_UART1_URB;     html_vars_flags[14]  = 1;}

However, we need to read decimal numbers up to around 500, which would require 2 byes of data.  Is there any easy way to grab 2 bytes of data at a time from the UART?
Would I have to investigate multiple sends or DMA?