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Noob Question - M52235EVB and MC13192U Daughter Card

Discussion created by Jesse Harvey on Apr 17, 2008
Latest reply on Apr 21, 2008 by Li Shen
Sorry to bother everyone but I just started working on a project which entails communication between a HCS12 and a M52235EVB via Zigbee.
Right now, we have the wireless UART demo working between two HCS12 boards.
What we would like to do is plug the MC13192U directly into the M52235EVB and not need the second HCS12 board.
The problem is, we can not find anywhere in the documentation how to map the pins of the MC13192U onto the M52235EVB.
We see the 80 MCU_PORT pins (along the bottom of the image).  It seems logical that the MC13192U could be plugged directly into those with the VDD and GROUND pins lining up (the far right pins).
Confirmation on this and any advice on how to read from the MC13192U after it has been plugged in would be greatly appreciated it.
Thank you,