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MPC8347 in PCI host mode, acting as a PCI target

Question asked by Guest on Apr 16, 2008
Latest reply on May 28, 2008 by Guest
Does anybody know if it is possible to have the MPC8347 configured to be in PCI host mode and a PCI device acting as an initiator writing some data to the MPC8347 memory?
If it's possible, do I only have to set inbound address translation to do that?

We have an MPC8347 in host mode driving an FPGA on the PCI bus. The MPC8347 must be able to configure the FPGA by setting registers located in BAR0 of the FPGA (MPC8347 being the initiator in this case). Once the FPGA is configured we want to request the FPGA to push data to the MPC8347 memory (the FPGA being the initiator in this case).

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