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Why intrenal regulator o/p (VDDA) of MC13213 is 2.23V isntead of 1.8V?

Discussion created by lakshmanarao lekkal on Apr 16, 2008
Latest reply on Apr 17, 2008 by denny george
Hi all,

 I am getting output of internal regulator of MC1321x is 2.23V i.e., pin No 32, VDDA. It is suppose to be 1.8V. When I removed the external crystal oscilltor(16MHz) the internal regulator output is 1.8V. I am unable to get the same 1.8V output with external crystal oscillator is introducing on the board. 3 modules are assembled and found the same problem in all of them.

The board contains:
1. MC13213
2.16MHz Crystal Oscillator

1. No extrenal baluns
2. No external switch

Why I am getting VDDA 2.23V istead of 1.8V, how the crystal effects regulator output?

Thanks inadvance.