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Tutorial for the Microcontroller MC9S08QE8

Discussion created by Jose Fernandez on Apr 15, 2008
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Where can I get a tutorial for the Microcontroller MC9S08QE8?, I bought the DEMO9S08QE8 demo card, and I have not found neither in the CD's coming with the Demo Card nor in the Freescale website a tutorial to quickly learn the Microcontrollers of Freescale. I have some knowledge in MC of others manufacturers, so I am somewhat familiarized with their assembler (or instructions set) and hardware architecture.

I am looking for something that may guide me through the different parts of the HC08 MC, at the same time, with easy lessons, for instance, the memory maps, special function register, the pin out, block diagrams, the instructions set, the Interruption management, etc.


I do not have too much time to read all those bulky manuals, perhaps in the future.


Thanks in advance for your help.