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How to Force the linker to keep all of a Library's fucntions (Codewarrior 2.5.7 and MSC8101)

Discussion created by Joseph L. Suttie III on Apr 14, 2008
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Codewarrior scc compiler (2.5.7) run from dos prompt
Compiling for the MSC8101 (Starcore)

Here's the issue in a nut shell:
We have some Hardware Abstraction Layer functions that are common to all application builds.
We'd like to build them as a library and let all builds call that library makefile (creates say HAL.elb)
The problem is that some functions in HAL aren't directly called by anyone else, like the Interrupt Vector table, and thus get tossed out.  I need to know how to make sure that all these functions are being placed in the build every time.

The feature dream is to do runtime binding so that any application can sit on any hardware, but that's a mountain to climb for another day.