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Unable to start WatchDog Timer in HCS08

Question asked by Ashish Maheshwari on Apr 14, 2008
Latest reply on Jun 25, 2008 by Ashish Maheshwari

We are working on freescale SRB boards, which contain Microcontroller MC13213 (RF + MCU (HCS08 series) in single chip). We are using GenericApp of freescale's beekit version 1.0.3 for End Device. In this we are unable to start watchdog timer.

Our program also goes in deep sleep i.e. STOP 3 mode and be there for long duration.


We also set SIMOPT= 0xF3; Cop enable, long timeout, STOP mode enabled, background debug enable during initialization.

Afterwards we write some value in this register so that watchdog timer gets reset. But our device gets reset instead of watchdog timer.


Please help me out from this problem