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ADC Power control - M5223X / M5213

Discussion created by Mark Butcher on Apr 13, 2008
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Hi All

I have a few questions about the ADC in these devices in relation to its power modes.

According to the users' manual there are 5 different modes.
These operate partly by using the relaxation oscillator [OCO] (needs to be 8MHz). In addition there is a note about the ADC's clock being disabled if ADC is not equal to '1' in the SIM_PCE register.

However it seems as though there is no SIM_PCE register in these devices (SIM module).
Also, apart from in the ADC chapter, there is no reference to a releaxation oscillator in the devices or how it could be configured.

In order to complete a driver interface to this module I would like to find out whether these power modes are possible or whether the description in the users' manual is possibly incorrect.

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Mark Butcher