Memory Protection Unit (MPU) - getting started

Discussion created by Xbot on Apr 11, 2008
Latest reply on Apr 14, 2008 by Steve Mcaslan
this is my first time using MPU module. we're also using xgate code.
1. my first concern is regarding the descriptors - how do i assign descriptors for xgate code, s12code, s12 ram, xgate ram...? should both xgate and s12code be in a single descriptor as well as their RAM?
2. how do i configure the start address (ex. s12code) and end address?
3. should the EEPROM be covered?
4. is there going to a separate descriptor for the PAGED and UNPAGED memory region?
and lastly.
5. how do i monitor an access violation error from xgate or cpu?
a flow algorithm or any info is very much welcome.