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WLAN Interface not created in SDK 2.0 ath10k Driver

Question asked by abinesh selvaraj on Jun 14, 2016



We are using T1023 reference board for our AP development. I have installed the QSDK v2.0 and booted the default uImage,DTB (t1023rdb.dtb) and File-system image in the reference board. The QCA99X0 radio chipset has been interface in miniPCIe interface and the ath10k firmware (version 10.4, supporting kernel version 4.2) for that chipset is downloaded from ath10k-firmware.git. The firmware has been placed in the file-system path "/lib/firmware/ath10k/QCA99X0/hw2.0/firmware-5.bin_10.4.1.00030-1". Then to bring the WiFi interface up, the ath10k driver support is enabled in kernel 4.1 menu-config and the generated ath10k modules (cfg_802.11.ko,mac_802.11.ko,ath.ko,ath10k_core.ko,ath10k_pci.ko) are installed (insmod) manually in the kernel 4.1.  Still the WiFi interfaces are not created. (verified using ifconfig -a command).


Kindly give your suggestions.