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Boot loader for 5251

Discussion created by Paul Maddox on Apr 10, 2008
Latest reply on Apr 19, 2008 by Paul Maddox
Dear all,
 I'm interested in finding out if it's possible to get a boot loader for the 5251 eval board. It has no network card, so booting from a network device is a no go. But it does have an SD card slot.
 What I'd *LOVE* is to be able to build a linux filesystem on an SD card, pop it into the 5251 board and then get the bootloader in flash to boot from it and load up my newly compiled/tweaked linux system.
 This *should* be possible shouldn't it? or is this never going to happen?
 If not, is there another way of getting a new build of an OS into the board other than through serial? the 15-20 minute wait for download each time I want to test is a *REAL* pain.