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Discussion created by braddy dru on Apr 9, 2008
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I am starting interrupt  (with MC9S12C32) and I need some help in the organiztion of one of mu program.
I have a program that is doing some function. Then when I press and realease a button (set up at PTAD0) the program stops and the LED's are supposed to flash every second using timer interrupt.When we press and release the button again the LEDs stop flashing and the main program continues.
Our teacher want us to us the following when dealing with interrupt:
- have a LED thread_begin function that start the thread( intialization of the device here  timer)
- have the ISR - doing the work
- have a thread " end" that stop the LED thread
I have one issue here:
One is how to implement the part when the button is pressed and released.
My  code organization is something like this:
...main program working...
Check if  button pressed and released
     IF yes
        call LED thread_begin
            In the ISR function
            Does 1 second passed?
                IF yes  flash the LED
                ELSE wait
Check if button is pressed and released
If yes 
  Call LED thread_stop
(return to main program)
Also wher should I place my 'check button' code?
Please can I have some help with the button and my program organization?
thank you