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Linker Error - MC90S08QE

Discussion created by Ian Oswald on Apr 8, 2008
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I am new to using Codewarrior and have been more than slightly annoyed at my present problem.  I am using processor expert with MC90S08QE setup and have created a header file that will hold variables to be used in various parts of the program.  For right now, there is only one variable.

unsigned char Send_SPI;

this program will loop in the main method until a periodic timer event occurs, then it will send out an spi packet.  My problem is that when i use the #include in my main.c  as well as in my events.c file, I get the Linker error L1818 Send_SPI duplicated in main.c.o and events.c.o

I guess my question is how do I just do a simple #include "myfile.h" and use the variable located in there without getting this linker error?
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