Andy Gabler

Question regarding mac instructions for CodeWarrior IDE 5.0.9 compiling for the MCF5275

Discussion created by Andy Gabler on Apr 8, 2008
Latest reply on Apr 9, 2008 by Tom Thompson
Greetings all,

I am working on writing an FIR filter for the MCF5275 and I am attempting to utilize the emac. I have obtained the DSP library from Freescale (DSPLIPUMSW); however, when I compile the the FIR filter code or when I write my own "mac" instructions like "asm("mac.w %d0.l, %d1.l, <<, %ACC0") I get the following error:

Error   : C:\DOCUME~1\rr\LOCALS~1\Temp
\ccQ9aaaa.s : Assembler messages:

Error   : syntax error -- statement `mac.w %d0.l,%d1.l,<<,%ACC0' ignored
ccQ9aaaa.s line 130  

all the other assembly I have written it compiles but it gets stuck on each mac instruction. 

I am using the CodeWarrior IDE 5.0.9 to do the compilation.  I am compiling for use in uClinux on the MCF5275 using the CodeSorcery toolchain that I obtained from Evaluation: CodeWarrior for ColdFire, Linux Application Edition (Windows) download.

If anyone has suggestions/ideas of how to make this work I would greatly appreciate them.