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RAM PAGED RTOS for HCS12X or use of stack pointer

Question asked by Simon Lapointe on Apr 7, 2008
Latest reply on Apr 7, 2008 by CompilerGuru
I`m trying to configured as most as possible data in PAGED ram on my hcs12x512, because my 8K of NEAR memory overflows.
In fact, I`m able to locate my own data in PAGED ram with no problem.  I have problem with my third-party codes (data) that do not handle this memory map (because of the big amount of casting void * I guess).
According to the technical support of my RTOS, the RTOS RAM stuff (task`s stacks, internal arrays, etc) cannot be located in PAGED ram because the stack pointer of this processor is 16 bits.  Well I don`t know how accurate is this statement.  This RTOS do not officially support the hcs12x.
So my question: is the hcs12x stack pointer register could also be expanded with the RPAGE register, as other datas?
And by the way, which RTOS are you using with the HCS12X ?
Regards. Simon.