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CW7.0 Pro: MCF52223: Error: "declaration specifier conflict; illegal 'bool' sequence"

Discussion created by neville bonwit on Apr 7, 2008
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Every time I make my project, I get the error "declaration specifier conflict; illegal 'bool' sequence" on the following line in PE_Types.h (which I'm assuming is an autogenerated file from Processor Expert).

/* PE types definition */
typedef unsigned char           bool;

I can't disable bool support in the C++ langauge options because I'm using booleans in my own code.  I'm assuming the error is because the PE_Types.h fils is trying to give the name 'bool' to a variable but it's already a reserved keyword (bool).  If I comment out that line, the compiler error goes away, but if I restart Codewarrior and remake the project, the error reappears (I'm assuming because it's regenerating the file PE_Types.h)

What should I do?  Any help would be appreciated.