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Migration from code warrior IDE 4.02 to CW IDE 8.3

Question asked by Dipika Kamat on Jun 14, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 17, 2016 by Dipika Kamat

Hi all,

I had used code warrior ide 4.02 along with SDK ver 2.4 to build and compile the code.(10yrs ago).Now this IDE is archived.I managed to get it from the freescale support.Both the IDE and the SDK(used for DSP56F805 MCU) were successfully installed.Hovewer,it gave me a licessing error "a valid license key is not found in license.dat file".

Due to this issue,I am planning to migrate the code from IDE version 4.02 to IDE version 8.3 which supports this controller.

I would like to know which SDK will be used for this IDE that wil support DSP56F805.

Will the migration affect any of the code files eg arch.h, port.h?


Please help me resolve the first issue of licensing and also in the migration of the code.

Thanks you