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SCI and ATD setup registers not declared? What? - HCS12C32

Discussion created by Robert Barnes on Apr 4, 2008
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I am familiar with CW version 3.1 programming the HCS12C32. I wrote code that uses SCI and ATD registers for the C32, which works fine on that platform. However, for my project, I needed much more RAM for variables (8 arrays of 200 elements each), so I ordered the S12XDT512 project module for use with my student learning kit with breadboard. This new MCU module came with CW IDE version 5.7.0. I installed this because I needed the derivitive for this new MCU. So now I have fired it up and am porting my program over for the new MCU. I figure it should be pretty easy, because I have read the pertinent info in the XDT512 data sheet, and it looks like the register specs are the same as the C32. I have started a new project including the correct derivitives. So, this is where I am, and so now here is the problem. I get compile errors on the following lines, which are the first lines in "main": SCIBDL=9; SCICR1=0x04; SCICR2=0x08; ATDCTL2=0b10000000; ATDCTL3=0b00011000; ATDCTL4=0b00000001; (please ignore the switching between decimal, hex, and binary values, as it should not matter) The compile errors I get are all the same: "SCIBDL not declared (or typname)". Of course, each compile error is the same complaint about each respective register. In other words, it seems CW doesnt recognize these as registers for the XDT512 MCU and assumes they are some sort of variable that has not been declared. This is silly! I have also tried this with a new project using the XDP512 derivitive (since it is the only data sheet actually available), but same problem. For good measure, I tried to compile my code in a new project with C32 derivitive on this new codewarrior, and it has no problem with those registers. Ok, sorry this is long winded. It is not a complicated problem. I just wanted to be perfectly clear about what is going on. I actually need help pretty quickly on this because I am now behind schedule in trying to port this over to a newly aquired MCU. Please help!



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