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Interfacing  a Audio PCM/TDM device on SSI1 or SS2 ?

Question asked by robin singh on Jun 14, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 15, 2016 by igorpadykov

Hi All,

I have to connect a PCM device(Multi channel DSP) on IMX6DL-SSI2. This device is already working on my board in I2S mode ( SSI2 is I2S slave and DSP device is i2S master).   Now i want to change the SSI driver to support the PCM/TDM mode. Based on my understanding, i guess i have to run the SSI(Code in fsl_ssi,c)  in Network Mode . This is my configuration , which i want to setup :


1) PCM device as PCM (TDM ) master , BCLK= 512Khz, Frame sync = 8Khz( short frame sync).

64bits/Frame so i have 4 slot in single frame.

2) IMX6DL -SSI2 as PCM slave mode.

3) PCM device is interfaced on AUDMUX4 and internal port is SSI2 . This combination already work for me in I2S mode.


Can somebody point me the exact change required in SSI driver ? Any reference driver or git code on the web which support this mode ?


I have access to Reference manual chapter no 16 and 62 , so please do not point me there