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Question: regarding mac instructions in CodeWarrior

Discussion created by Andy Gabler on Apr 2, 2008
Latest reply on Apr 19, 2008 by Adam Sochacki
Greetings all,

I am working on writing an FIR filter for the MCF5275 and I am attempting to utilize the emac. I have obtained the DSP library from Freescale (DSPLIPUMSW); however, when I compile the the FIR filter code or when I write my own "mac" instructions like "asm("mac.w %d0.l, %d1.l, <<, %ACC0") I get the following error:

Error   : C:\DOCUME~1\rr\LOCALS~1\Temp\ccQ9aaaa.s : Assembler messages:

Error   : syntax error -- statement `mac.w %d0.l,%d1.l,<<,%ACC0' ignored
ccQ9aaaa.s line 130  

all the other assembly I have written it compiles but it gets stuck on each mac instruction. 

I am using the CodeWarrior IDE 5.0.9 to do the compilation.

If anyone has suggestions/ideas of how to make this work I would greatly appreciate them.