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DMA transfer with MCF52233

Discussion created by antonio carrillo on Apr 2, 2008
Latest reply on Apr 20, 2008 by Li Shen
Hi everyone
I am making a project  with the MCF52233, because of  a speed constraint I need to use DMA transfer.
I Have a FIFO memory and a MCF52233; so I am qoing to send data from FIFO to mcf52233.
I am a little confused about how DMA works with external devices
In order to get the right data at right time in the MCF52233 GPIO port I need to send a clock signal to the FIFO memory.
How can I produce that clock signal ? using DTOUTn pin?
How can I sure that the DMA clock is synchonized with the external FIFO memory.
Thanks for Your helphappy smiley