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XGATE problems when migrating from XDP to XEP

Discussion created by Pedro Palacios on Apr 2, 2008
Latest reply on Apr 3, 2008 by Pedro Palacios
Hi all ! (new to the forum looking for help)
I am having some problems while migrating code from an XDP to an XEP. Maybe you could give me a small push in the right direction.
I am migrating a small kernel in which the SPI and other data movement is done by the XGATE.
The software that was running on the XDP keeps triggering an xgate sw error interrupt on the XEP.
I am using Cosmic and Lauterbach (not much documentation around for cosmic & xep combined!)
The question is, application note AN3555 - Investigating XGATE Software Errors mentions a Part II which should cover the S12XGATEV3 ... But I haven't been able to find this Part II document.
Any idea where it could be?
Any suggestion on what I could have missed when adapting the code? 
( setting the xgate stack pointers xgis31, adding the new channels to vector table, etc)