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Switch Command

Discussion created by Scott Rose on Apr 2, 2008
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I am new to embedded software programming and using Codewarrior.I have done some c++ and turbo c programming before.
I am trying to program the mc9s12e128 chip.
The first question i have is regarding the switch statement.See below.
 case ('h'):sendmessage(tx_msg_1):break;
 case ('s'):sendmessage(tx_msg_2):break;
Is this the correct syntax for the switch statement which does complie ? 
Normally if using C builder for a console program i would use:     case 'h':sendmessage(    ):break;
But this format does not compile thats why i added the brackets : case ('h'):....  and it now it compiles.
Also is the correct include file for the switch statement : #include <stdlib.h> ?
Where would i find information regarding which include file is needed for certain commands ?
Can anyone help ?