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Problem with sleep current of Maxstream XBeePro modules-MC13193, MC9S08GT60

Discussion created by Maumita Chakraborty on Apr 2, 2008
Latest reply on Apr 2, 2008 by Mads Westergreen
I am facing a problem with Maxstream XBeePro modules(MC13193  and MC9S08GT60) as mentioned below.
I am getting the following sleep currents for XBee and XBeePro modules,
using (Stop3 + Hibernate) mode in applications developed using 802.15.4 Codebase of Beekit--

XBee - 0.279mA
XBeePro ~ 5.5mA

Here I am implementing the  cyclic sleep method.
XBeePro modules are not supposed to achieve their max. output power using the application codes of Beekit 802.15.4 codebase.
As a result, they are not supposed to consume so much power, as compared to XBee modules, during sleep mode.
Can anyone please help me in this regard and let me know the reason for this and also how can we make the XBeePro modules consume less power during the cyclic sleep mode?I need this information urgently.

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