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QSPI on MCF52235

Discussion created by Fred Talbot on Apr 1, 2008
Latest reply on Oct 22, 2011 by Ganesh Kumar Gurung
    Hi, I'm trying to use the QSPI interface and I can't get the comm to work. I'm using only the clock, datain and dataout pins of the interface, and I'm driving myself the chip select pin. Can I do this ?

I'm writting command in the Command RAM of the interface like this:

MCF_QSPI_QAR = 0x20;
MCF_QSPI_QDR = 0xF000;

But when I'm trying to read theCommande RAM right after writting, this way:

MCF_QSPI_QAR = 0x20;

Data is empty. Can I read the RAM ? In the Reference Manual, it's said to use the MCF_QSPI_QAR and MCF_QSPI_QDR register to read or write the QSPI RAM, so I suppose I can read or write all the QSPI RAM.

Thank you

Fred Talbot