Marilena Nardelli

COP watchdog MCU S08AC

Discussion created by Marilena Nardelli on Apr 1, 2008
Latest reply on Apr 1, 2008 by Brett Wallace

I'am developing firmware for an automatic electrical control burner, it must meet the IEC60730 class C, and I'm considering to use new  MCU S08AC  Freescale.
For me could be very interesting to select as clock source for the COP watchdog the internal 1KHz clock source. But, I need to find documents to demonstrate that this clock source is completely independent of any bus clock source.
Moreover, the COP counter is reset by writing any value in the read only SRS register. This act correspond to send a reset signal to the COP counter. How I can demonstrate this? In the data sheet are not showed COP block diagram.

Thanks a lot for any help or suggestion.