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about OBD implementation using K-line

Discussion created by vinayak joshi on Apr 1, 2008
Latest reply on Mar 18, 2009 by juturu praneeth
             I am working on 16 bit MCU s12xDP512, i want to interface an OBD using k line through external world like PC. i am using MC33290 k line serial link interface for connecting to MCU. also i made a unit K line to RS232 convertor. now my total communication like this...
MCU---->MC33290------>k line       <------------->             k-line-->MC33290------->RS232---->PC
i am able to do a transmission of messege from MCU to PC throgh above. but i cant receive any messge from PC to my MCU. for displaying and getting a messge i use hyperterminal. and SCI0 communication in MCU.
help in this reguards