Kurt Smith

Beestack Mesh Problem

Discussion created by Kurt Smith on Mar 31, 2008
Latest reply on Apr 2, 2008 by Kurt Smith
I am experiencing difficulty creating a simple mesh network under the Beestack codebase.  I followed the Zigbee Application User's Guide document to create a "Generic App" and selected "mesh networking with residential security" when configuring the project in Beekit.  I also made two of these projects, one for the coordinator and one for the srb (configured as a router).

     I also made one more modification under code warrior to the projects in that I removed the need to press SW3 to search for matching descriptors.  By specifying an Ieee address for the NCB and SRBs and also the endpoint number (1), I have achieved working direct communication by only having to press SW1 (which joins the network).  I loaded the SRB project onto two SRBs, and when I move one of them out of range of the NCB (but still in range of the other SRB which is in range of the NCB), it can no longer communicate with the NCB.  It is also unable to rejoin the network.  Does anyone have any suggestions?