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Relationship between ICG Filter Register and BusClock in SCM Mode

Discussion created by denny george on Mar 31, 2008
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Hello All,
Do anyone know the relationship between the ICG Filter Registers (ICGFLTU, ICGFLTL) value and the BusClock / DCO output freq  in SCM Mode.
I know that the default value of 0x00C0 will yield fICGOUT of 8MHz and BusClk of 4MHz.
Also BusClk= 0.5( fICGOUT) = 0.5( fICGDCLK/ R )
where R = Division Factor(R). Page 141 HCS908AWdatasheet
Datasheet states that "The ICGDCLK frequency can be varied from 8 MHz to 40 MHz by writing a new value into the filter registers (ICGFLTH and ICGFLTL)."
Now I want to set ICG Filter Registers (ICGFLTU, ICGFLTL) such that Busclk should be 8MHz.No where can I see the info relating to this filter register and DCO output freq.
Also refer the link of the post.