Jonathan Hess

Will OpenThread bring KDS support to KW family?

Discussion created by Jonathan Hess on Jun 14, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 17, 2016 by Fang Li

Note the references to NXP in the Nest OpenThread press release:

Nest Announces Open Source Implementation of Thread | Nest

I've not tried to compile but the source has #if's for __GNUC__ which means gcc which hopefully means the ARM supplied gcc in KDS.


I also spied references to "class", and a few "virtual"s which makes me hope OpenThread would be friendly to C++.


My quick perusal could not identify or locate any hardware/soc specific code so I don't know if the claim of NXP (presumably KW) support was more "could happen" or "works out of the box."


Anyone else know?


The idea of real KW support via KDS rather than IAR has appeal to me.  As does avoiding BeeKit and its codegen wizards.