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[BeeStafck and MC1321x] AES Encyption and Decryption

Discussion created by Janell Armstrong on Mar 29, 2008
Latest reply on Apr 3, 2008 by Janell Armstrong
For the purposes of my research, I need to implement key management, payload encryption, and payload decyrption on the MC1321x motes using the BeeStack.

The 802.15.4 Mac Phy Software Reference Manual assures me that the BeeStack does have AES encryption enabled (, and I found the corresponding header in the SecruityLib.h header. I've read the basic "how to create a custom app," but it does not explain how BeeStack implement or provides functions for the ZigBee-2006 specification security.

I've used BeeStack to generate the configuation for an SRB, Router, GenericApp, Security (default settings), and No Mesh network. (I also created a corresponding project for the NCB as a coordinator.) I further modified the GenericApp to accept UART keyboard input and display the corresponding input in Hyperterminal. The "proof of concept" goal before dealing with OTA transmissions to be able to encrypt a character array and decrypt the array.

Can anyone provide any demo code that uses SecLib_AES (or something which achieves the same resutls)? My attempts to use it thus have either failed to compile or caused the mote to crash :smileysad: