Joseph Rowland

M5213EVB I2C data I/O register problems

Discussion created by Joseph Rowland on Mar 27, 2008
Latest reply on Mar 31, 2008 by Simon Marsden
Hi everyone, I've just started messing with I2C and i seem to have run into a little problem, For some reason I cannot write to the I2DR register. I've used the driver example given by Dr Seuss with a change in I2C pins to :
/* I2C pins configuration */
                                  | MCF_GPIO_PASPAR_PASPAR1(0x01));
My next step was setting up the I2C for transmit because I needed to transmitt the id of the device like so:
uint8 I2CreceivedByte(uint8 address, uint8 id)
  int i;
  uint8 data;
  MCF_I2C_I2CR = 0xB0 ;  //enable I2C set to master transmit mode
  MCF_I2C_I2DR =  0xC0; //set the id to the I/O register

I was watching the registers while running the program in debug mode. From what I observed the I2DR register never gets the id. I'm not exactly sure what is wrong however I feel like i'm missing something. The following is what my registers look like up to this line of code.
/*I2C Registers*/
I2ADR     0x00
I2FDR     0x32
I2CR       0xB0
I2SR       0x81
I2DR       0x00
/*General Purpose I/O Port AS Registers*/
PORTAS  0x03
DDRAS    0x00
SETAS     0x03
CLRAS     0x00
PASPAR  0x05
Thanks in advance for any helps or hints anyone can give me