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MOV DIR/DIR 6 cycles (?) and SP out of allowed range

Question asked by Jorge Loya on Mar 25, 2008
Latest reply on Apr 4, 2008 by bigmac
When simulating this code:
MOV $80,$81

True Time Simulator throws 6 cycles as the execution time for this instruction. QUESTION> How could I report this bug?
ANOTHER QUESTION> I've posted (by mistake) this message in the MCU 8-bit Forum:

I've initialized the Stack Pointer register using Freescale template:
            LDHX   #RAMEnd+1        ; initialize the stack pointer
But when using PSHA instruction, True-Time Simulator generates this error:
Error: Attempt to push or pop with SP out of allowed range
I understand that in the Flexis QE128, the stack could be anywhere within RAM section, right? At the beginning SP register is loaded with $1800 (end of RAM section, wich runs from $0080 to $17FF). But when trying to push Accumulator, TT Simulator throws this message!
So, I tried to change manually SP register to $00FF and PSHA works nice.
Any help will be appreciated.

The thread is here:

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